Climbing Guiaje, Medium level

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Description of our guiaje climbing of level medium:

Hone your level in the escalation of several long hand of qualified professionals.

It is required a minimum previous experience in climbing several long.

Hone your level of big wall climbing with confidence that give professional experts.

You will enjoy improving your level in amazing places and routes.

Our Guiaje Climbing middle level is designed for climbers who have minimal experience in climbing several long or have already made our Climbing initiation level Guiaje.

The location and the route will be decided by the climbing guide at the time of recruitment, following the premise of a climbing route easy level for beginners climbing long way without the need for a specific degree of sport climbing, but if you prefer to make a concrete way just you have to let us know.

Characteristics of the track to take you:

level: Intermediate - Advanced (between V and 6b ).

Level of protection of insurance: Parabolts the floating insurance, self-protection.

Path length: between 160 meters 200 meters.

Discipline: Sport climbing or Traditional (classical).

Type climbing: Climbing vertical wall where the predominant large and medium singing.

Place of activity: let's decide.

Available throughout the year.

1 guide per 1 climber / a:

Exclusively you have one of our technical guides climbing throughout the climb, and if you decide to perform the activity with a friend or friend, with your partner or even a family member, will also another technical guide entitled.


Midday (nail 6 hours).


The price of the activity is for each 1 person.

Our introductory course includes:

Technical climbing in the area of ​​activity.
Pictures taken with mobil guide.
Compulsory insurance Liability.
Health insurance.
Climbing equipment for use during activity.
Rescue Kit material for use during activity.
Discount for the purchase of equipment for use in the activity if the customer wants their own material.
Discount for future activities in Climb in Catalunya.

Our training for competition does not include:

The transport of the customer to the area of ​​activity. If required, you can hire the transport and collection service.
Filming adventure GoPro camera or virtual reality Samsung 360. Climb in Catalunya offers complementary service activity recording.

All the details

strings, harness, helmets, piolets, crampons or snowshoes, quickdraws, brake descender, Gri-Gri and everything you need.
Front with extra batteries. impervious gloves and thin gloves. Fleece the Primaloft. Sunglasses and blizzard. Backpack. Waterproof pants and jacket. Pants and vests. Hat and spats. Mountain boots.
Different parts of the Sierra de Guadarrama, Gredos or Ayllón, depending on weather conditions but always your choice. Possibility of transport to the area of ​​activity.
Surfing requires very strong legs which can come from swimming lessons. Swimming also increases a person’s endurance and stamina to paddle in water which constitutes over 50 percent of the surfing time.
And, every activity we do have monitors and teachers titled Technical Sports (TD). Climbing our activities have a technical degree in specialty guaranteed Escalada.
All our activities and courses have liability insurance and accident insurance. Guarantee and management transfer to hospital paperwork in case of accident.
Rush Park as an adventurous sport and recreational pastime first peaked in 1980s only to fall. However, with all sorts of advancement, the sport has suddenly caught the fancy of all those looking for unique adventure and fun.
Our lessons are available for both beginner and advanced levels. For beginners we have an introductory course as well as a full course The beginners’ introductory.

Discover also our service activity recording

We offer you great service professional recording, or with GoPro, GoPro 360º, Samsung 360 or dram.

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