¡Give Montana Y adventure!

In Climb in Catalunya We love the mountain adventure and become one more gift. A special and fun way to surprise a special day and very unusual, But that will not leave anyone indifferent! Thus, we offer several options more interesting. You can choose from any of our Gift cards with a set value, or you'll give away any of our activities, or training courses available. Simply you choose the option "giving activity" Available in extras, tell us the mail of the person to whom it is addressed and the date of delivery, and we we will send it a voucher for the chosen activity without definite date with a nice message.

our gift cards

With our gift cards you just have to choose the amount you wish to give, and you can either print and deliver your card or indicate the data of the target person, and we will provide it with a nice message. In the following the targeted person will know the value of the card in order to choose the desired activity.

Gift Card 50 €

Gift card 80 €

Gift card 100 €

Choose the amount!

Or if you prefer, gives any of our activities

You can also give away any of our activities and courses. With this option the person receiving the gift will not know how much money it cost gift, can print the card and give it out for yourself / a or choose a date and give us your data, and we will deliver you a nice card in which the instructions are indicated to select a date for the activity.

In the hiring any of our activities, available in the extras you'll find this option:

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