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We perform: Guiajes climbing, guiajes in ferrata, Climbing Training, ferrata courses, climbing trips, climbing camps, training climbing, motivation and leadership activities for companies, and many more ... But as you can see, all always related to this extreme sport as it is climbing.

We are neither want to be a company that covers all adventure sports, We are professional to the 100% a unique sport.

Climb in Catalunya are only specialists and professionals in climbing and nothing else.

All our guides are climbing: Technical Sports in Escalada, certified by the Ministry of Education.

All courses and activities are assured full protection against accidents of all kinds.

To fulfill the 100% all laws that require us: law 4/2008, royal decree 56/2003.



Manager, Climbing Guide

Founder and current manager Climb In Catalunya. His passion for the sport and his great passion for climbing have been the perfect blend to give birth to this project. He started to climb 12 years old in the process of self-protection and sport climbing. Later he began in the bouldering. Currently a member of the team Ocun Y Repeat City. Following this he was clear that his future lay in the formation and enjoyment of the sport. Their concerns and interests have made has traveled all over the world, climbing and practicing different adventure sports like mountain biking, kayak, paragliding, diving, ski, etc. Edgar has devoted to his work, It is full of energy and always ready for anything, Anytime and anywhere. So ... where to go climbing?


To the 18 he decided to make his passion his profession and began graduating in all sports for which interest had more. Today, we can see that the result is an interesting curriculum:
  1. Deportivo coach at Climbing Higher.
  2. Deportivo technician Climbing.
  3. Driving technician FISCO-Sports Activities in the Natural Environment.
  4. Technical whitewater canoeing.
  5. Advanced pilot paraglider.
  6. Master Instructor Diving PADI.
  7. Emergency first Reponse Instructor (first aid instructor).
  8. Registered in the official register of professional sport in Catalonia. Number: 003024




Aida is another member of this great project. It is a psychologist and secretary Climb in Catalunya. Addicted to the sport and especially climbing. It is responsible for creating and promoting all kinds of events Climbing. Rock climbing is a physical sport, but at the same time, also it requires a great mental work. The psychological factor is important in climbing, so much, it depends can not do or climb on a wall. From Climb in Catalunya we offer this service as we thought "there are no limits, but puts oneself ". For us there is no limit for what we most want to do, so we believe it is very important that our customers can enjoy their adventure Climb in Catalunya in all its fullness. Aida is a key part of the company. The entire organization and logistics of the activities carried out in Climb in Catalunya are tailor-made for each customer. We never have two equal!

Escalada con guia de montaña.


Climb in Catalunya we are in technical climbing and after training them, through a rigorous selection process we hire for our services. There are many assumptions climbing guides in Spain, but we only work with those who have shown great technical climbing being and have a great ethics for their profession.

Some of them are so adept climbers and well known in the world of climbing as Patxi Finalist, Jerome Gonzalez, Carlos Vidal David Canals.


Climb In Cataluña
We like to personalize our services both the 90% annual outputs that do are private activities. We understand those made by private activities for families, individual climbers, couples or a group of friends. Working with small groups our ratio (x number of customers guide) is too short. So we can offer a very personal service and closer. If you want a business where you meet new people, We also have a calendar with activities planned by Climb in Catalunya. They are suitable for all audiences. You only have to reserve a service that is desired.
Our philosophy is based on the highest safety standards, professionalism and personalization services. In the section on selection of the technical team in Catalunya Climb you can meet our professional climbing and understand our high standards and experience.
Climb in Catalonia is a company of climbing. Among the values ​​that we as climbers are solidarity and the spirit of excellence. Climbing is more than a sport and involves trust, effort and self-improvement. In Climb in Catalunya we like to confront and fight to solve the problems that we face walls. Beyond climbing, annually we collaborate in the field of social work, both economically and organizing activities. Every December we have an appointment with the TV3 Marathon and the money collected in the organized activity is intended entirely to La Marató. At Christmas we also organize an activity at Children's Hospital de Sant Juan de Dios for the little ones can enjoy more of the Christmas season. (VIDEO YOUTUBE) Here you can see climbing as guides for a day can be Santa Claus to give happiness to the smallest of the house. Climb in Catalunya in their extracurricular climbing helps children homes or children with social exclusion, helping to integrate these small group of children climbing equipment and offering a very low price for not involving a high economic cost for these future climbers and their families. Climb in Catalunya also collaborates and encourages you to contribute Teaming, an online tool to raise funds for social causes through micro donation of 1 € to the month. Teaming philosophy is based on the idea that 1 €, we alone can not do much, but if we unite, we can achieve great things.
We speak several languages ​​and offer our services in Spanish, Catalan, English and French. further, If you want to have a memory for life, transform your sports experience in a virtual reality film 360.
One of the most important bets Climb in Catalunya is based on the professionalism of climbing guides. All our equipment complies with current legislation in the field of the guiaje climbing and via ferrata: - Census in the Register of Sport de Catalunya. - Disposition of liability policy. - Accident policy, by Decree 56/2003 - professional skills of formal training of professional sport, according to the law 3/2008 the Government of Catalonia. Climb in Catalunya does not use any other type of monitor, federative professional instructor or other sectors for their climbing activities. Good professionals of the sector are those with compulsory education and are dedicated to the profession of climbing guides full time. This ensures that the team point Climb in Catalunya is always at the forefront of everything related to climbing and via ferrata. We enjoy working with native climbing technicians are knowledgeable in different languages. Many of them have official certificates of official language school, but the natives be offering the customer got very high knowledge of all areas of climbing and culture of the country. We do not just an adventure activity, but also a cultural activity. We select a technician for each of the specific activities and climbing ferrata we offer. Experience has taught us that working with good professionals is what ensures a fun activity, dynamic and above, secure.
Climb the services offered in Catalunya are created by a superior technical sport climbing and executed by a technical sport climbing. Once hired a service, the customer will receive by email a detailed record of the technician who will perform the activity climbing. In this file all documents obliges law to have included all technical sport climbing: qualifications, liability insurance and insurance for customers. Climb in Catalonia is a company in regularizada 100% in the field of climbing guides and roads ferratas and strive to avoid the labor intrusiveness.


Activities to the outdoors requires having a large database of places to sleep. Climb in Catalunya works with shelters, shelters, Hotels, cottages or our service Trans-shelter to reach the most magical places.



We have many satisfied customers and they trust us. 'We would love to have you as a new customer!!