Climbing activities for parties and events. We adapt to the kind of party that is the protagonist climbing!

Climb in Catalunya It offers all activities for birthday parties, events, fairs... If your municipality, club, school or college wants to do a different activity, we offer many options for everything more original and fun!

Our services parties

In Climb in Catalunya we know firsthand the difficulties of maintaining a climbing wall always up to date, and therefore we have prepared a charter service care to the smallest detail, and always in the hands of true professionals as Edu Marín and Marcos Jubes.

Service technician climbing

You have a climbing structure but you need to have one or several sports climbing technicians to manage an activity? This service offers staff need plus all the necessary equipment for the activity or adventure climbing safely to the 100% and qualified professionals.

Belayers professionals as Edu Marín Marco Jubes

Climbing wall rental

Children climbing structure. This scalable climbing wall has four faces 5 meters high. An ideal service for parties and events for children to enjoy climbing.

Presas premium, Brand IBEX Climbing Holds

Zip lines and suspension bridges

We create zip lines and suspension bridges in a wooded area where children and adults will enjoy passing the tests created by Climb in Catalunya. Tirolinas up 150 meters, Nepalese bridges ... We do it all, we adapt to the location that you decide.

We are distributors of the brand IBEX Climbing Holds

Treasure hunts and orienteering circuits

Games where we have to pass tests and circuits targeting all the places you can imagine ... peoples, mountain areas ... Any place is valid for a good time overcoming the challenges that we propose.

We have over 15 years of experience in the assembly and maintenance of climbing halls

Other extreme sports

If you are looking for other extreme sports like canyoning, paragliding, diving, Mountain climbing... If from Climb in Catalunya not perform, we help you contact great professionals who can meet your needs.

We organize the entire event that you need from 0

Projections and talks professional world-class climbers

Are you willing to propose to the guests at your party something different? We have a service projection of the best films and talks by national and international media climbers. But it does not stop there: We also offer movies extreme athletes BASE jumping, and we are counting our billboard options. If you want to motivate your hand climbers of the best, Count Us.

Lectures and projections climbers like Edu Marín, Patxi Finalist, Mark command ...

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