Equipping blocks and roads - An art then enjoy stringing

The supplier of a climbing wall has to be a climber with a large number of integrated movements in your body many years climbing, competing and inside an artist of movement. Not all climbers are viewing movements inside to translate those movements into the resin and create large blocks pathways or fantasy. Equipping it can transform into an art.

We offer the opportunity to have a furnisher name on your climbing wall, a professional or pack of providing a professional with a furnisher competition where this union is fanatical movements.

Services equipped to: midday, complete day, event equipment.

our routtesetters professionals

En Climb in Catalonia, We work with the climbing but in the field of equipping know that the professional can not always be good at teaching, guiaje and have art to equip. Therefore, routtesetters for our service we have world-class climbers with extensive experience in the world of equipping routes and boulder problems.

Edu Marín

Routtesetting task is undoubtedly one of the most complicated when creating a good climbing wall, exhibition or competition. Thus, a good equipper have to be a climber with a broad vision to create new moves and be innovative in designing routes. We have industry professionals, international climbers, competitors…

From Climb in Catalunya we offer a wide range of professional outfitters and services, Kit from one morning to the weekly visit of a routtesetter that will keep constantly moving the walls of any climbing wall.

Belayers professionals as Edu Marín Marco Jubes

Mark command

This is an innovative service, because we offer the possibility of renting blocks or routes designed by a professional outfitter with dams brand IBEX Climbing Holds. This service makes available to the climbing routes or new blocks for a certain time without having to buy new or clean dams.

Presas premium, Brand IBEX Climbing Holds

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