Everything good climbing wall should be always alive!

As it is well known, climbing walls need to be alive. To be attractive, They must renew their routes, blocks and toys to train. And do not forget the different types of activities; and climbers will be hooked to your room. Climb in Catalunya has equippers and professional climbing walls to offer a wide range of services meeting all legal and professional requirements.

Our services rockodromes

In Climb in Catalunya we know firsthand the difficulties of maintaining a climbing wall always up to date, and therefore we have prepared a charter service care to the smallest detail, and always in the hands of true professionals as Edu Marín and Marcos Jubes.

Routtesetter and track equipment

Routtesetting task is undoubtedly one of the most complicated when creating a good climbing wall, exhibition or competition. Thus, a good equipper have to be a climber with a broad vision to create new moves and be innovative in designing routes. We have industry professionals, international climbers, competitors…

From Climb in Catalunya we offer a wide range of professional outfitters and services, Kit from one morning to the weekly visit of a routtesetter that will keep constantly moving the walls of any climbing wall.

Belayers professionals as Edu Marín Marco Jubes

Rental block roads and dams

This is an innovative service, because we offer the possibility of renting blocks or routes designed by a professional outfitter with dams brand IBEX Climbing Holds. This service makes available to the climbing routes or new blocks for a certain time without having to buy new or clean dams.

Presas premium, Brand IBEX Climbing Holds

Dams and volumes

Someone need Dams? We are official distributors in Spain IBEX Climbing Holds, an exciting brand of high-quality dams used in international competitions of the International Federation of Sport Climbing. These modern dams, Dual and textured, They are offered in various materials: polyester, polyurethane and wood.

We are distributors of the brand IBEX Climbing Holds


All maintenance-climbing walls: improve the condition of the structure; repair, painting or cleaning the soffits; back to give texture; remove scratches; repair mats; clean dams ... If you need advice, get in touch with Climb in Catalunya and will be happy to help.

We have over 15 years of experience in the assembly and maintenance of climbing halls

Events, Competitions, opens...

Climb in Catalunya also offers event management. We take care of all the logistics, advertising, sponsors, the test center ... If you count on professionals, your room will enjoy a great event without worry. We work, And you alone You enjoy!

We organize the entire event that you need from 0

Projections and talks professional world-class climbers

Are you willing partners propose different activities? We have a service projection of the best films and talks by national and international media climbers. But it does not stop there: We also offer movies extreme athletes BASE jumping, and we are counting our billboard options. If you want to motivate your hand climbers of the best, Count Us.

Lectures and projections climbers like Edu Marín, Patxi Finalist, Mark command ...

Training Group

We offer group trainings for users of your climbing wall. They are grouped by levels climbers to enjoy group training and improve their physical conditions, technical and mental.

Led by professional trainers graduates

Help in the management and administration of rockodromes

Climb in Catalunya offers the possibility to outsource rockodromes organizing all kinds of activities: Extra school children, training sessions, training, events ... We take care to make the management and administration of all contracted services and the climbing wall receives its share of benefits without any work.

We have over 15 years of experience in the sector

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