Climbing promotes self-improvement, companionship and increases the welfare of the team of employees

Climbing is a sport of self-improvement in which constantly seeks to overcome new challenges. If your company is related to this spirit, It is the path of assured success.

Climb in Catalunya You want to share that spirit with companies and their workers, and does so with this offer conferences and activities for companies.

Our services Business

In Climb in Catalunya we know firsthand the difficulties of maintaining a climbing wall always up to date, and therefore we have prepared a charter service care to the smallest detail, and always in the hands of true professionals as Edu Marín and Marcos Jubes.

talks and conferences

Your business needs a dose of spirit climber? We give talks and lectures on self-improvement and search for new challenges. These are key elements to enrich your company, it motivates and grow from the base.

Given by experts climbers motivation groups

Activities Companies

Do your company workers need an incentive stress? Climb in Catalunya offers group activities to drive workers to overcome new challenges and, at the same time, learn from peers. Take you a break to unwind and superaros yourselves!

In climbing walls or the company itself

Projections and talks professional world-class climbers

Are you willing partners propose different activities? We have a service projection of the best films and talks by national and international media climbers. But it does not stop there: We also offer movies extreme athletes BASE jumping, and we are counting our billboard options. If you want to motivate your hand climbers of the best, Count Us.

Lectures and projections given by world-class climbers

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