Rock Climbing is an innate sport! Make the kids are started so secure

In Climb in Catalunya We love to climb with the little ones! We know children and we know that one of the great passions of our children is climbing all they can. Sport climbing develops motor skills and elasticity, in addition to promoting the great values ​​of overcoming and fellowship. Thus, we offer you different climbing activities for younger family.

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In Climb in Catalunya we love to climb with the little ones, and so we organize a lot of activities completely designed for the enjoyment of the smallest of the house.

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In Climb in Catalunya we know firsthand the difficulties of maintaining a climbing wall always up to date, and therefore we have prepared a charter service care to the smallest detail, and always in the hands of true professionals as Edu Marín and Marcos Jubes.

Campgrounds and casales

Climb in Catalunya, Climbing offers camps throughout the year. An activity focused on children, and especially for those who have a climber spirit. Van des camps 3 days to a full week, where besides enjoying climbing every day, our technical offers values ​​and knowledge of autosuperació, respect for nature and peers. Destinations camps each year are different depending on the time of year.

The recommended age is 10 years to 18 years. Each camp is intended for a specific age range.

Extracurricular climbing

A weekly after-school climbing, where the little climber family learn the values ​​of sport climbing as companionship, self-improvement, respect for nature and expand its motor, their balance, flexibility, strength and endurance always following the thread climbing.

Extracurricular climbing can be done in various climbing walls in Catalonia, availability.

Climbing outputs

Rock climbing outings each month throughout the year. A focused activity children begin to enjoy climbing and want to know rock climbing. Outputs are half-day climbing (5 hours approx.), where, our technicians will learn the most important safety techniques of climbing and the values ​​of self-improvement, respect for nature and peers. The recommended minimum age is 10 years to 16 years. The destinations of the rock outputs are different every month for children to learn different sectors of Catalonia.

Adventure outings

Climb in Catalunya, It provides quarterly output adventure for young climbers, an output of adventure where we will be performing an activity on the mountain throughout the day, dry gully, water ravine, trekking, gincana ... every quarter is a new adventure.

Climbing wall rental

Climb in Catalunya offers you climbing structure for kids, Ideal for birthday parties, celebrations and all kinds of events. This scalable climbing wall has four faces 5 meters high.

Climbing schools

Climbing is a sport with great values, but still it is not recognized by society. These theoretical and practical sessions are designed to bring this sport to everyone safely and responsibly. Sessions tailored to each school and age of pupils: primary, high school, universities and other.

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