¡Climb in Catalunya It offers a large number of routes selected for their beauty, Climbing history and quality!

Climb in Catalunya offers you private guiajes, that is to say, we offer you personal climbing guide to make your dream ascension. We offer a large number of routes selected for their beauty, history and quality climbing, but if you have in mind another way you just have to let us know and we will make your dream a reality.

Our proposals Personal guiaje

All our guiajes climbing are led by technical professionals highly qualified climbing with extensive experience in the world of climbing and professional guiaje. In these proposals we'll all, choosing the route and location, and always choosing the best and most beautiful climbing routes within the level of difficulty of each climber / a.

Or if you prefer, thou shalt the route you want to upgrade

Since Climb in Catalunya We also present you a letter of possible routes to make, among which are some of the best climbing routes in Catalonia. Real jewels with which all climber dream, you enjoy the hand of our guides climbing graduates.

Or if you prefer, Tell us the route you want to climb!

Choose the date that best suits you to climb the route you prefer anywhere in the world!

Discover also our service activity recording

We offer you great service professional recording, or with GoPro, GoPro 360º, Samsung 360 or dram.

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