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This guiaje climbing is an open pathway by Joan Altimira in 1997, a path that exceeds climbing vertical walls, Rams, dihedral ... will not test all our technique as a climber. 340 meters long we offer great views of the area south of Montserrat and the whole flat Martorell.

The rock is limestone conglomerate of acceptable quality but at some stage we have small sections of a rock not as good quality. It is a very complete climbing with plenty of good grips that make the pathway to enjoy and not require any compromise, our climbing guide will always help you need it. It's a nice way of eleven long, a total of about 340 meters. Each length is approximately 30/35 meters and the average grade is V / 6a.

It is equipped with bolts, but will a floating insurance so you can see how they work and start climbing started in self-protection. In summary, a "mandatory" route in South Montserrat if you want to enjoy climbing in winter.

Easy level (V +)

340 meters of climbing with parabolts / self-protection.

Possibility of transportation to the area. All material.

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Length / Difficulty:

340 meters - 11 long - V + / 6a

Rock type:

calcareous, conglomerate.

1 technical climbing per 2 climbers / as:

All our guiajes are in small groups, with a maximum of 2 participants per 1 technical.

Distance from Barcelona:

65 km (1 hour).


Midday. (30 minutes approach, 4 time scale and 1 hour descent).


You can only be performed during dates, between 1 July at the 31 from December. Respect for the animals salvages. We recommend in the months of October, November and dicember.


In Climb in Catalunya we strive to always provide prices anti-crisis! And to get it, We strive to the maximum to offer the best prices on the market!

You'd give you a 30% off If you perform the activity Monday through Thursday morning (in time 09:30 a 14:00h)!


All the details

-Technical climbing in the area of ​​activity.
-Pictures taken with mobil guide.
-Compulsory insurance Liability.
-Health insurance.
-Climbing equipment for use during activity. -Rescue Kit material for use during activity. -Discount for the purchase of equipment for use in the activity if the customer wants their own material. -Discount for future activities in Climb in Catalunya.
-The transport of the customer to the area of ​​activity. You can hire transportation service and collection if required transportation to do the activity.
-Filming adventure GoPro camera or virtual reality Samsung360.
-appropriate clothing depending on the season and weather, Sports shoes, backpack, food and water.
And, all activity has guides, which they are certified technicians TD in the form required for each activity, accredited by the various training schools Peninsula, mainly the EMAM and CFEM.
Monitors and teachers qualified as sports technicians (TD).
In case of any possible accident or injury, any activity or course and so is subject to a force sure each user individually Activity, just like a proper Liability Insurance Guide. Thus ensuring full transparency and actual truth of each activity.
If you wish to cancel an already scheduled appointment, no no additional charge will be claimed, just try to contact us as soon as possible, to replace the vacancy so we can let the opportunity to another / a interested / a.




Our activity requires a minimum of 2 people. You can also hire a private service. (If you want a private group, choose your day and click on the extra).

Guiaje private (It includes up 2 people) and activity will take place the day you asked for an exclusive guide for you or your group up 2 people. The advantages of this service is that you can have for you and yours a custom activity.


What if you do not reach the minimum number of participants?

Every activity requires a minimum number of participants to make it effective. Failure to reach the minimum number of participants, do not worry, we'll give you three options: postpone the activity until such time as we have the necessary participants; second option, We will offer the possibility of carrying out the activity in private service with supplement means; and the third option, we will refund the exact money via transfer or make a voucher of the amount paid plus 5% for the inconvenience caused so you can use the voucher in any activity you want without expiration Climb in Catalunya. If you do not have a specific date for the activity, you always have the option to look at the calendar open activities (lnk to the calendar of activities open) to see if there are seats.



Recording activity:

In Climb in Catalunya we love the experience to live with us to become something unforgettable, and so we offer you full service recording activity, well with GoPro, GoPro with 360 or dram (you can see more information by clicking here).

Transport service:

Our climbing guide will pick you up at the desired location: apartment, hotel, home, airport, station... Our vehicles are 6 squares plus the climbing guide.
The service includes a small pica pica with soda after activity.

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Choose the one you prefer date, and one of our technicians will contact you to finalize all the details!

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