Information ferrata:

This ferrata is in the center of the massif of Montserrat, It can be done in half a day and is recommended to be done on very sunny days.

Is a vertical activity demanding level of force; There are times we have to raise our body using a chain to overcome a large rock. In the middle of the ferrata find a vertical section of great beauty that will go up, a stretch of chains and a final, by metal steps. We will pick up and descry views of the cliffs of Montserrat incredible. Montserrat Rock is a limestone conglomerate of high quality, we can see fossils and see unique ways.

Medium level (K4)

6.5 km in length, 450m travel equipped

Possibility of transportation to the area. All material.



Road conditions / equipment:

Good, equipment very correct and good reviews.

Level ferrata:

This ferrata has a K4 level, Pre-advanced. No previous experience is necessary in ferrata, but if you have some physical level, as there are times when we need the strength of our arms up a little body. The climbing guide will help a lot with ropes, but it is recommended to have some physicist to enjoy. With our guides climbing, success is guaranteed.

1 technical climbing per 6 participants:

All our activities are in small groups, with a maximum of 6 participants per 1 technical.

Distance from Barcelona:

A 50 km (1 hour) good road, dual carriageway. It is also possible to reach the village heather coach.


A half day activity. 45 minutes approach, nail 2 hours of activity and 1 way back when, more time for explanations and training.


This ferrata can be done throughout the year, but it is advisable to avoid the cold winter days. It is an ideal activity for hot days.

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Choose the one you prefer date, and one of our technicians will contact you to finalize all the details!


description of the activity:

Normally, for this type of activity, The meeting is on 9:30h * am in the location that previously the guides sent to the customer via whatsapp, place that is near the ferrata. * in summer time is advanced to avoid heat.

The activity begins with the presentation of the guide and submitting supporting documentation as climbing guide; then, backpack it is shown where extra stuff for the team, for example, Water, food, first aid kit, rescue equipment, Emergency phone ... Normally this material should not be used, but it is advisable to take if something happens.

We continue with the briefing of what the ferrata and its route, the material that we use and a small training how to use it and how we proceed during the course of the ferrata. En Climb in Catalunya, besides we like doing activities, our customers to learn a little on your experience.
Material prepared and properly placed and reviewed by technical climbing, activity started.

Via Ferrata Canal de las Damas:

The via ferrata of the Canal de les Damas begins with a path that is within a ravine. Often is, We will upload where years ago there was a river. Gradually the ravine narrows and standing upright, this is where we will have to put it test our ability to overcome vertical steps using chains, steps, rocks ... In the middle of the activity, comes the vertical part, where children will enjoy watching as we go up at a time and the views it offers us. The final part of the ferrata is an amazing vertical chimney, this is the last test to see how strong we are, We go for the final push! Once you completed the entire route, are approximately 2 O 3 hours, We have a nice drive down the ravine until you return to the main road where you start the descent to return to the foot of the massif of Montserrat and finally to the parquing.

Once we finished the activity, back to the meeting place and make a small dibrief how everything went; let the material and to conclude, a good drink and a pass from the photographs that have captured the experience lived in activity.
The car park is in the restaurant VinyaNova, where you eat particularly well and we recommend to our customers if you want to close the activity with a plate of meat and grilled vegetables.

In the aftermath, Climb in Catalunya, will contact the customer to thank the trust for hiring our company to do the activity and send you a link where you can download all photos of the ferrata. In case you have contracted recording service, the download link will be sent to the personal video of this vertical experience.


At Climb in Catalunya we strive to offer maximum safety and fun! And to get it, we work with strict protocols and the best professionals in the market!

You'd give you a 30% off if you do the activity from Monday to Thursday!


All the details

-Technical climbing in the area of ​​activity.
-Photos taken with mobile guide.
-Compulsory insurance Liability.
-Health insurance.
-Climbing equipment for use during activity.
-Rescue Kit material for use during activity.
-Discount for the purchase of equipment for use in the activity if the customer wants their own material.
-Loyalty discount for future activities in Climb in Catalunya.
-The transport of the customer to the area of ​​activity. You can hire transportation service and collection if required transportation to do the activity. Select the extra at the time of booking.
-Filming adventure GoPro camera or virtual reality Samsung 360.
-Drone filming in HD or 4K, edited or unedited.
-Clothing suitable finishing by season and weather, Sports shoes, backpack, food and water to spend time activity smoothly.
-Spare clothes if the client needs.
And, all activity has Climbing Guides, which they are technical sport climbing accredited by the Ministry of Education and recorded in ROPEC. In Climb in Catalunya only we work with professionals, our activities can only be safe with great professionals.
Climb in Catalunya takes over 20 years in service climbing and extreme sports and have never had an accident, It is the advantage of working with professionals, as they can perform rescues and first aid. But in case of any possible accident or injury, any activity or course and so is subject to a force sure Activity
If you wish to cancel an already scheduled appointment, no no additional charge will be claimed provided that notice is given to 7 days in advance. Just try to contact us as soon as possible, to replace the vacancy so we can let the opportunity to another / a interested / a.




Our activity requires a minimum of 4 people and guarantee a maximum 6 participants per 1 professional guide. We also offer the possibility of hiring a private guiaje, you just have to choose the day and mark the extra available to the contracting activity.

With our private guiaje You have the chance to make your solo / activity or company to 5 friends / trailers with an exclusive guide for yourself or your group. With this service you will have for you and yours a totally personalized activity.

What if you do not reach the minimum number of participants?

Every activity requires a minimum number of participants to make it effective. Failure to reach the minimum number of participants, do not worry, we will give you a choice of three options: we will refund the full amount cashed by bank transfer or we'll give you a voucher for the total amount charged plus 5% for the inconvenience caused valid for any of our activities with no expiration date; We may also postpone the activity until such time as we have the necessary participants or will offer the ability to perform the activity in private service guiaje, paying the corresponding supplement.

If you do not have a specific date for the activity, you always have the option of looking at the schedule of activities planned.



Recording activity:

In Climb in Catalunya we love the experience to live with us to become something unforgettable, and so we offer you full service recording activity, well with GoPro, GoPro with 360 or dram (you can see more information by clicking here).

Transport service:

Our climbing guide will pick you up at the desired location: apartment, hotel, home, airport, station... Our vehicles are 6 squares plus the climbing guide.
The service includes a small pica pica with soda after activity.

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