training Personalized PUC Training:

Climbing Training, distance and for all levels.

Follows the method created by Patxi Usobiaga, World Champion.

Train only the necessary and yields to the highest level.

Follow our trainings in your usual climbing wall.

Do you want to train the necessary and render to the maximum?

You want to raise your level?

You want stringing this way it will resist?

Are you addicted to training, and you want to do better?

Do you have the right and want to time your workouts effective?

So here you have the opportunity to do so, always at a distance, you get to work with two-time Cup champion of the world of sport climbing and Champion of the world, and that under his watchful gaze has been several climbers and they have succeeded.

Training on climbing wall, Boulder, campus board, board multipresa, Gym, and core-TRX.

Combine rock with training not stagnate.

Patxi Finalist in the Pachamama, 9a/b.

Book now your training PUC Training!

And he begins to train as a / a authentic / professional climbing



training 100% Custom by Patxi Finalist.

Test inicial.

Test trimestral.

Online format using Google Drive.

They train of 2 a 3 capabilities for macrocycle.

You can train from any climbing wall.

Discounts on all training materials.


A PUCtraining training is a training method designed for consistent training for a minimum period that can range from 3, 6 or even 1, 2 Or until 3 year. Always choose for you.



Training includes training PUC:

Planning ATR 3 months, by Patxi Finalist.
Online tab with the content of training, mediante Google Drive.
Discount for buying the training material 10%.
Discount of 10% Climb for future activities in Catalunya.

Our training ATR does not include:

Transportation to the climbing wall or entry.

All the details

Our lessons are available for both beginner and advanced levels. For beginners we have an introductory course as well as a full course The beginners’ introductory.

Book now your training PUC Training!

And he begins to train as a / a authentic / professional climbing

Any questions?


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