Description of ATR Training Competition:

Training for climbing competitions, It is planning to improve results in competitions.

individual trainings, exclusive and fully customized.

Planned to be at your best in every competition.

Follow our trainings in your usual climbing wall.

This training climbing competition is designed to improve performance in competitions that athletes want to participate. It is scheduled dates each year putting competition objectives for becoming the best moments so. And knowing is not the same block competition, where force plays an important point, difficulty or competition where resistance can be your decisive capacity.

Planning this training is annual, but it is rescheduled quarterly, seeing the results for each athlete and his run of form. Weekly contact with the climber coach to solve problems and check the loads according to their evolution. further, in many competitions Coach tracks the performance of the athlete to seek physical improvements, techniques and tactics.

Coach: Technical superior climbing.

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And starts climbing positions in competitions


Training features:

Test inicial, presential.
Test trimestral.
personal and nontransferable training.
Diet counseling for workouts and competition days.
Online format through Google Drive and mobile app.
They train all abilities.
Call coach every week.
You can workout at any climbing wall.
Discounts of 10% in all training materials.


An ATR training competition is conceived and designed to obtain the best possible result for the year ahead.

Thus, our professional training have a duration of 1 year ,but to see good results are recommended two years of training.



Our training for competition include:

Competition schedule planning.
Coach to face competition; via telephone and face in some competitions.
Initial test and test end of each macrocycle. Presencial by coach.
personal and nontransferable training.
Dietary guidance for workouts and competition days.
Online format through Google Drive and mobile app.
They train all abilities.
Call coach every week.
You can workout at any climbing wall.
Discount for buying the training material 10%.
Discount of 10% Climb for future activities in Catalunya.

Our training for competition does not include:

Transportation to the climbing wall or entry.
Entries for the competition.


1- Analysis of your faculties:

When you hire service training for competition climbing competition, will contact by phone or mail your coach for an interview and know your motivations for training.
After the interview will be sent an online form for maximum information about you, your results in competitions and thus have a first analysis capabilities that must train to improve your results.
The form is very complete and must be answered without haste and with accurate information; you have to consider, our trainings are climbing competition 100% and custom-made in order to improve your position in competition.
After analyzing all the information, climbing coach will contact by phone or mail to determine some concepts, and then, day will look for physical test. This test is long to perform because it is very complete and you'll have to do in several days, the coach will be with you the first day to explain to the 100% everything and see some important concepts.
Once the coach has your form and all test results, We start working; We do your personal training plan, task that needs two weeks of preparation. For the moment, You will receive a card routine so you can start working unloaded exercises and become familiar with the format of training. Once past these two weeks, you will receive via mail your planning in digital format through Google Drive.

2- Planning:

At this time you will be given access to a Google Drive folder containing all the information of your training:
Important folders are: he planning calendar of your training; where you will see the days of training and information volume and intensity that will touch you work. And in second place, Folder mesocycle, where you will find the personal training record; This includes all exercises to be performed, number of moves, level blocks, loads in the dominated, suspensions ... This tab, You have space to add information that you consider important for your coach, as are the feelings that you had, for example.
After the first week, your coach will contact you to see how they have been the first 7 days and see if you need to increase or decrease the loads ...
Generally, unless otherwise specified, Workouts are weekdays and weekends are designed for rock climbing.

All the details

For training you must have the following material: gums various forces, Ballast vests, dominated bars, Table strips for suspensions, TRX or rings, ceiling climbing with different inclinations and many dams, bouldering area ... IMPORTANT:YOU MUST HAVE GOOD CLIMBING WALL DAMS AND A GOOD RUTTSETING
Training can be done in the usual climbing wall; if not go to any, please contact us and we'll find the one that best suits your needs and location. IMPORTANT You have to be able to enter the climbing wall in morning and afternoon sesions.
The ATR training competition, It is an annual planning. You decide when you want to start; once started training can not make stops. It is a continuous training 12 months.
And. Your coach is a senior technical climbing and arbiter of national competition; Former member of the group entechment.
All trainings are planned through personal tests to see the necessary loads for each climber, This prevents many injuries. In case of injury is interrupted part of training but would continue training other important qualities for competition.
Coaching is not an easy task for our body. If you have never trained to compete, we recommend you start during a training season with ATR, before starting an ATR training is very difficult competition that aims to fulfill and this leads to train hard.

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And starts climbing positions in competitions

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